Manual - Expiry Auto & Submitting


The homework system on Tutor Planet enables students to answer homework questions.

The system provides an auto-saving functionality which in turn enables students to stop doing the homework at any time and come back to it later.

This, however, means that in some cases the student may forget about the unfinished homework answers.


Expiry & Deadline

Each homework assignment is available for answering only for a specific period. That period starts when the homework is assigned to the student (usually when the student clicks on the homework link) and ends after the deadline.

The expiry period is set in days and can be changed on per homework basis.

The students cannot submit answers after the deadline.

The deadline can be different for every student since it depends on when the student was assigned the homework.


Auto submit

If a student starts answering questions but never submits the answers, the system will auto submit them as soon as the deadline is reached.

Before this happens though, a reminder email is sent to the student the day before the deadline (applicable to registered students only).

This auto submit functionality triggers email confirmations to both the teacher and the student that the answers have been submitted.


Changing the expiry period

It is possible to amend the expiry period for each lesson by going to My Homework, clicking on the Details link for the required homework, then going to Settings and selecting the desired value from the Assignment Expiry drop down.

The current deadline value will be selected.

Please bear in mind, that changing the value there will not only affect the lesson and any future assignments, but it will also automatically adjust all the deadlines for all unanswered existing assignments.

For example, if a student was assigned a homework 10 days ago with the default expiry of 14 day and the expiry value is changed to 17, the student will have 3 more days to submit answers.

However, if the value is changed to 7 days, the student will not be able to submit answers any more and if they had started answering the questions, the answers will be auto submitted overnight - in this case, without sending a reminder.