Frequently asked questions

General questions


Is this service free?



How do I get started?

Please have a look at our Getting started manual.


How do I send homework to a student?

Once you've created a homework and submitted it, it will appear on the My Homework page.

There will be a link in the Student Link column which you need to send to the students.

The link will allow them to answer the questions in the homework.

Check out this instructional video for more details.


Are there any limitations?

Yes, without logging in you can only create 5 pieces of homework.

There is no limit after you log on in terms of the number of assignments, however, the total size of uploaded files cannot exceed 5 Mb.


What is auto submission?

If a student started answering a question but never submitted the answers, the system automatically submits them for the student as soon as the deadline is reached. For more information please see here.


What is the default assignment expiry?

The default expiry is 14 days. This means that students have 14 days to submit answers from the time they first access the homework sent to them.


How do I change a lesson's deadline?

Please see the manual page.


Homework Builder


How do I create and style tables?

Please have a look at our How to create a table manual.


How do I upload and manage images?

Please have a look at our How to manage images manual or the How to upload and scale images video tutorial.


How do I reorder questions and choices?

Please have a look at the Reordering questions and choices video tutorial.


How do I set the height of a line?

Please have a look at the Setting a line height video tutorial.


What types of questions can I add?

Please have a look at our Question Types manual.




Why can I see my homework in one browser but not in others?

If you are not logged in, even though all the homework data is stored in a database in our systems, the user identification information is stored in a cookie in your browser.

That cookie is not transferable from one browser to another.

To be able to access all your data from any browser, you need to register here.


Why haven't I received my activation email after registration?

There can be several reasons why you did not receive an activation email.

Here's what you can do: