Getting started manual

The objective of this guide is to explain how to create a piece of homework, send it to students so they can do the homework and subsequently how to mark the students' work.


1. Homework Builder

The Homework Builder is the part of the website which allows you to:

Launching the Homework Builder

To launch the Homework Builder please click on the "Create homework" button on the home page:


Create homework button


It will display the builder:


Homework Builder


It is recommended to change the homework title as the first step in the process of creation to avoid confusion later on.

To do so, click on the default lesson title "Change me please" and type a new title.

Adding questions

To add a question to the homework select the question type from the drop-down:


Question type dropdown


If you select the input question for example, and click Add, the following will appear:


Homework Builder with empty input question


This is the main functionality of the Homework Builder section of the website.

Here is what the items enable you to do

This button The question tab icon not only allows you to switch between questions if you have added multiple, but also helps identify what type of a question it is.

There are a number of other types of question - feel free to explore them:

Various question types

Adding a maximum score

Each question needs its own maximum score that students will be able to achieve. Some question types have it calculated automatically - for example the True/False question can get only 1 point. The input question though, requires the score to be set manually using this field: Score scroll

At the bottom of the page, there is the "Cumulative score". It's the sum of all individual scores.

The upper section, titles "Question 1" is what the student will see when attempting the homework. The lower section "Answer/Message" will be displayed to students later on after they submit their answers to help them understand the correct answer better.

Available tools

There is a set of tools above each section enabling:

After you finish preparing the questions, click the Submit button. It is important to do so because even though all the changes made here are automatically saved, without submitting you won't be able to share the homework with your students.


2. Sharing homework with students

Once you have submitted the changes, you will be redirected to another page with the homework's details.


Homework details


The text shown in the "Student link" field is what needs to be sent to the students to allow them to do the homework.

You can use the button next to the link to copy the link to clipboard. Then paste it in an email or through any other means send it to your students.


3. Marking

Once the students submit their answers, you will be able to see the number of pieces of homework for marking in the menu just above the "Inbox" menu item:


Menu with inbox items


Click on the Inbox menu link to see the list of homework to mark:


The mark it link


Then click on the "Mark it" link to load the homework with the student answers.

You can now score the input question and add comments to all the answers.

Students will be able to see the marks immediately afterwards on the My Homework page.