How to manage images

Please also check out the How to upload and scale images video tutorial.

Image upload

The objective of this guide is to show how to upload and manipulate images in the text editor available in the Tutor Planet system, like this one:


Final image design


Assuming you have some text in the content of a question, like the random text below:


Random text in a question


when you position the cursor roughly in between paragraphs and click on the 'Add an Image' menu icon:


Add an Image menu icon


you will be able to select an image from the local disk and upload it to the Tutor Planet website.
For example like this:


Large image after upload



It's a good idea to upload images with slightly greater dimensions so it's possible to scale it down as needed.

There is no need to manually resize images outside Tutor Planer to make the image files smaller, for example in order to speed up the page loading in the browser.
This is because the system resizes the images to the given dimensions at the time of homework submission making it as small as possible preserving the quality of the image.



The editor provides the ability to resize images. To preserve the quality of the image, it should never be enlarged more than the original dimensions of the uploaded file.


To resize the image hover over it and find a black square at the bottom of the image:


Black square for resizing the images


Drag the square to resize the image:


Resized image


To disable the ratio lock, double click on the image or right click and select 'Image Properties'.

It will bring a dialog box on the screen in which you should be able to find a padlock:


Image menu


Click on it to unlock the dimensions ratio of the image and manually change the values as needed.
This is only for your information - we won't be changing the ration in this example.


While in the Image Properties dialog box, change the alignment to right:


Right aligned image



Sometimes, it's a good idea to add a caption to an image.

To do this, go to the Image Properties dialog box shown above and tick the 'Captioned image' checkbox:


Defaul caption added


Click on the caption to edit it:


Caption customised



You can change the alignment of the image through the alignment menu icons:


Alignment menu icons


Our example image can be centred:

Image centred

or moved to the left:


Image left aligned


Apart from that, it can also be moved up and down.



Images can only be moved up and down by a paragraph.


To enable the vertical movement, centre the image and click on the cross icon in the left corner of the image.

A dotted line will appear above the image - it represents the image location:


Dotted line for moving image


Move the image above the text:


Image above text


You can now right align the image again:


Image right aligned again



If you have further queries please do let us know through the forum