How to create a table

The objective of this guide is to show how to create a table in the text editor available in the Tutor Planet system, like this one:

Final table design


Once you are on a page with a text editor, for example the Homework Builder, you will be able to find a menu similar to a regular word processor.

Find the "Table" menu item and click on it:


Table menu icon


That will bring up a "Table Properties" window in which you will be able to set the new table's parameters:


Table properties popup


Please fill out the fields as follows:

Here are all the values filled out:


Filled out table properties popup


Click OK. You should now see a table like this:


Filled out table properties popup


Click on each cell and type the text you want. Here is what you should see when you finish:


Table properties popup


Now we will add some colour to the table. Please right click your mouse on one of the header cells:


Cell properties popup


The "Cell Properties" window will pop up:


Cell properties popup


Please click on the "Choose" button next to the "Background Color" field and select the colour you like.

Repeat the process for all cells. To speed up this task you can highlight all the data rows and change their background colours in once operation.

Once you finish, you should be able to see the final result:


Cell properties popup