Manual - Homework Bulider

Question Types

The Homework Builder supports a number of various question types:


True/False question

This one have two possible options only.

The score may be 1 or 0 points.


Input question

This question requires the student to type text or upload files. It also requires the teacher to mark it.

The score is assigned by the teacher. This is the only question that doesn't have the score automatically calculated.


Multiple choice/response questions

Up to 20 options - either only one selection is correct (M/C) or multiple selections are correct (M/R).

In case of multiple choice questions, the score can only be 1 or 0 points. But in multiple response, all the wrongly selected items are subtracted from the correct one but the score can never be negative.


Sequence questions

Order items in the correct sequence - either by dragging and dropping selections or by selecting them from drop-downs.

Points are awarded for every item placed in the correct position in the sequence.


Matching question

Match items from one column with items from the other - either by dragging and dropping or by selecting from drop-downs.

Students get points for every correctly matched pair.


Informational section

The purpose of it is to introduce the student to the homework or provide any other additional information. It may, for example, be used to refresh student's knowledge on the topic or even provide a complete lesson material.

Informational sections don't have a score assigned - students may simply skip it.